Bee-Jay Industries - Union Made, Enameled Jewelry for Advertising

About Bee-Jay
In the early 1930's, costume jewelry was cast into hand held metal molds. By the mid 1930's, a new technology found its way into this industry and our founder, Jack Fefferman, was the first to apply it in the Chicago Area. This process was centrifugal, rubber mold casting. A rubber mold containing the impression is placed in a casting machine which spins it at a higher speed. Molten metal called "white metal" or "pewter metal" is poured into the casting machine. When hardened, it is removed an the process begins again.

After many successful years making costume jewelry in Chicago, importing began to take its toll on American Manufacturing of this product. By mid 1950 most high quality costume jewelry was imported.

The company evolved into an Ad Specialty supplier when it was discovered that many costly die striking products could be manufactured more quickly at a lower cost with the cast process.

Once again, after many successful years, importing began to provide a lower cost solution and today most ad specialty jewelry is manufactured in the orient.

Today, Bee-Jay has concentrated on speed of delivery, assurance of accuracy, flexibility in ordering and service. Where a typical imported order takes 6-8 weeks, normal Bee-Jay delivery is 2-3 weeks with no rush charge and includes a pre-production proof.

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